How To Develop Your Leadership Skills

Developing A Leadership Role

Leadership Approach

This focuses on a different element of social and informal sources of influence that can be use to inspire actions taken by others. Therefore effective leader required styles that can be subject to change based on the demands of the situation as well as using core own value and moral compass to mobilize others to want to struggle towards achieving common goal. However here we will discuss based on tips that can help in development of charismatic, servant and authentic leadership skills in relation to subordinates attitude in safe and healthy work environment.

Developing Your Charismatic Leadership Skills

Charismatic Leadership styles entails a leader with vision, the person will become appealing to followers because they are visionary and can set an achievable long time goal. The clue remains that a charismatic leader must ascertain facts when giving a message and think of the over arching purpose. Clear view of the ultimate goal must be expressed in clear terms, reason why people should care and what can be achieved must be stated.

Thereabout vision can be tied to history in goal set, stressing the idle future plan and strategic way of achieving same. Many people opinion is that charisma is inborn though not but if you are endowed with or not, it can be learn and developed.

Looking inward , charismatic leaders are self driven, result oriented energetic and passionate about developing ideas. You can build confidence in other people and make them confident of themselves by showing you love them trust their judgement, believe in them. A person of this nature must set pace where others will follow not giving reasons to doubt, when talking to others must be bold and confident, maintaining eye contact when talking and expressed his/her believe in ideas when talking. And if followers has reason to doubt your abilities, you have to assist in addressing the underlying issues through training, mentoring, admonishing.

A Charismatic leader must be ready to solve any up coming problem by extensive rethinking on the way things are done suggesting alternative ways that are easy, a can do attitude and ability.

Developing Your Servant Leadership Skills

Basically an approach that defines the leader’s role as serving the needs of others. A servant leadership styles is not necessarily getting employees to contribute to organizational goal rather they are the type that feel obligation to their employees, customers and external community.
The principle is purely stewardship and not asking of what employees can offer or do rather thinking of how to enhance their growth, helping them to reach their ultimate goal, by getting to know their value and priority to making it.

Developing your Servant Leadership Style required strong humility to achieve, thinking of how you can relief employees stress, protecting them from unnecessary pressure. The act that required great selflessness, putting others first, though it is challenging to translate for an achievement-oriented but effective for a success oriented leader who has rise to high level amidst plenty.

Best leaders are refined servant, in many cases you do not have all the answers but welcome their answers avoid dictation and reasonable enough you can volunteer to assist them in various endeavor . Be open with your employees, ask them question, feed them with clear information and enhance their understanding of what is going on in the organization.

A Servant Leadership Style involve creating avenue of helping external community, giving employees opportunity to take part in community volunteer project and for impacting positively their live, show you cares. Servant leadership is a tough transition for many managers who put their own need first, driven by success telling people what to do. Many corporate leaders of today are not known for humility; however leaders who adopted this approach will surely testify to it’s effectiveness when use judiciously.

Developing Your Authentic Leadership Style

Fact remain that a leaders have to be lot of things to lot of people. The ability to operate within different structures strategically, work with different types of people orientation and being acceptable is required.
The key advice to being or developing authentic leadership style is to be yourself. Though we all come from different backgrounds, have different life experience and different role models despite this effect events over which our life time changes, shape values, preferences, and priorities and instead of trying to fit into societal experience of what people adopt to be leader look and traits.
Authentic leader unlike will derive strength from own core values and rely on past experience to behave consistent with their values by practicing what they preach.
This approach required high level of self awareness and to achieve this you will need to be driven by core interpersonal values.

The authentic leadership approach take into consideration self-reflection and understanding one’s life history. And to better understand one’s core values related to Authentic style of leadership, the followings have to be considered
1. Clear understanding of the power of words: Because words shape reality, it fashions out design, let it be known to you that the words we use to describe people and situations matter. Good preference should be giving in addressing others or those we lead or manage like respect is reciprocal.
2. Audit oneself to know who you are now and capability: By so doing one will understand who he is, his personality described and how it affects one life will equally be known. Know your strength and weaknesses. What are they and how can you continue to improve yourself.
3. Understand your history: By reviewing your life history, what are the major events in your life? How did these events make you the person you are right now? Think about your role models and who they are what they are and what they stand for. What lesson you learnt from your role model while growing up.
4. Review your challenges and success status quo: By keeping a journal for self reflection. Write down or create list of challenges you had face, how you surmount them and periodically review this entry to check if you are progressing.
5. Make integrity a priority: By doing an ethic check to keep note of your level of consistence with core values? If not how can you get back in track. Create list of your value and reference it to how you are developing, are they aligned with goals and objectives.

In light of the discussed, various leadership style have their pros and cons. It required us to be able to assess each with respect to situations and personal style.
Regardless of the other leadership styles one adopt or uses, Authenticity has become recognized as been very important. And by developing as per discussed on Authentic Leadership styles we can become an effective one and the time to start is now…..

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