Propagation of real life value

Propagation of real life value: 9 best ways by which you can make your life counts, meaningful and worth living

Focusing on ideas, goal, dreams and how best to make our life count, meaningful and worth living.

As human being I have learnt a truth that is what living on and it has become part of me that no man will ever plans to fail but man fails to plan. Putting Gods first in all things, and following-up strategic plan, success can be achieved thereby and this in turn bring living in a good and meaningful life. If only we can embrace facts and figures gather through experience I am going to share in this write-up “9 Proven Ways By Which We Can Make Life Count, Meaningful and Worth Living”

Have a Goal

Setting a goal is a common word, however the real interpretation is not clear to many individual. Considering man as a creature of value; in real sense really works and maximize potentials, else he is checkmate by a deadline or a realistic goal or any other thing that drive him into achieving a set objective. In a nut shell not having a goal means not having a target or realistic final destination’ case liken the Israelites in olden days wandering about in circle in the wilderness.

Without definite objective a man has not a plan for tomorrow which is near by future. Meaning that individual live every moment as it comes, he is not in control of lives and actions but only to be controlled by circumstances and situations. It is quite sure that a man without definite blue-print for success will end up living a life of poverty. Goals are to be writing down for view and not just having it offhand, have a goal? Good to write it down, visions, your goal or  dream should be written down and run with it everywhere.   Set short time realistic and long-term realistic goals and it should be writing down; referencing God word “And the Lord answered me saying, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that read it.” I mean a goal synonymous to ones passion in order that one can pursue it all season.

Realize  that setting a goal you don’t love can be problem therefore your goal must be what you love by so doing what you love or love what you doing is success assure. Life is beautiful and so life is good, pursuing ones dream is cool and that is why love is meaningful, knowing fully well all creature on earth are useful and serve a purpose.

Strategic Plan

After a realistic goal is set what follow is to institute steps to follow in order to achieve set goal as there is price to pay. Take for instance to erect a building there is always a plan. Many things come into play in the process of erecting a building however the plan reveals all that is in place and from thence the image of what is expected is shown and this is what the builder follows in the construction, definitely is not a day job and when it is completed we see a beautiful building.

See anybody having set a goal and fails to plan becomes a dreamer and that is why it is not just  about planning but strategic planning. Planning effectively is required to achieve positive result and to do this it require steps in doing visibility study, analysis, brainstorming and getting facts and figure. Assumption must be narrowed down to null, every details  must be understood and easily communicated with clarity. Reference the word of light “For which of you intending to build a tower, sit down not first to count the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish if? Lest haply, after he hath  lay the  foundation and is not  able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, saying, this man began to build and was not able to finish. Therefore to strategically plan is required in order to succeed or achieve the set target goal.

Put God first in all your endeavors

By putting God first in everything we do goes a long way to breakthrough. Referencing the word of God “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him, and he shall bring it to pass”. So lean not only on your own understanding but commit thy ways onto Him The way the truth and the light, considering commitment is quite different from information.

By planning and putting God first is to seek is guidance on every step you want to take as to ushering you steps aright. Goals and dreams are the overflow of the spirit of God as is with the holy spirit God communicate his desires to us through vision and dreams which he put in our heart to crown it referencing  God words say “If you fellowship with Him your inner reins will be instructed in the night season” meaning by serving God and meditating in is words you will wake up every new day with bright ideas. Fact is your goals and plan will succeed only if you do and follow God’s will.

By using the vehicle called prayer’ the means to communicate to God, you can easily commit your ways and your plans unto God for divine guidance and counseling and sure He will help brings your dream to pass. God giving dreams and vision is divine, it easily become a heart desire of those that truly follow Him and His word is light unto our path. Remember God has no mandate to bring to pass that which is out of His plans for an individual life.

Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings

Having a big goals and laudable dreams is not enough unlike understanding how to and that journey of a thousand mile start with a step. To rush is not the solution to getting to rightful destination, as many believe in speed. Remember you can not be watching or comparing achievement with others for say time and chances happen to us all. Therefore there is need for patience in all we do, giving room to hard work to materialize is a great key function.

Rome is not build in a day, so as houses are not built from roof but from foundation and during this process we don’t see the beauty of such building until completion. So one step and another like a little baby learn to sit crawl and one day through practicing perfection about walking set in and thereafter he start running. By not growing step by step it may lead to been frustrated.

Do All That Is Possible To Avoid Borrowing

I am not suggesting that borrowing is evil, but we must not fall victims of bad debt. A credit worth taken is not a debt but a contract, only if only the term of payment is deferred it becomes a debt more so it brings along financial bondage.  It is clear that borrowing brings indebtedness and when one is unable to pay back, worry and anxiety set in rather than joy. Worry and anxiety trails every step a borrower take. It is very good to live within ones earnings or means and build gradually until you get to your desired goal.

Implement Save Some, Sow Back Some And Plough Back

When better days comes and things you doing are profitably; good in time like this to come up with the strategic plan of save some, invest some, regain some. When earning grow or profit margin go high please it is not the time to lavish on luxury. Tame your ego, guide your thought carefully, have clear view that distinguish wants from need and desire. Financial mismanagement of fund can easily ruin a life time built business. Be as wise as the ant, avoid unnecessary spending or uncalled for party things. Sow your seeds where it can easily germinate.

Implement the power of compounding by putting back pat of your gain  into the source of your income. Create room for expansion, set goal and plans rightly. Seek those who are experience business persons and investors learn from them, add value to your self, explore new avenue to improve your income. Probably you have people working for you, try to take good care of them. Make them happy, enhance their growth, contribute to their success and do not cheat on them doing this will make them become part of you, support you and loyal to you.

Given Up Is not the best Option

Many time some plan fails or actually doesn’t work out the way you plan it, please don’t feel rejected or demoralize by nursing fear of being called a failure. Instead look inward find the root cause, Pick up another plan this time around focusing on how best to get it right. Wear smile of confidence in God, be proactive, analytic and be ready to take the bull by its horn.

Success comes to those who fear not failure as it is the root to success. Remember quitters do not win and winner do not quit. Pick on step ahead don’t be tired. Be patient and wait for result remember wherever the spirit of God leads you, His grace will sustain you there. Envy may lead to destruction of good will, therefore keep to standard that is transparent and do not embrace cheating or manipulation neither unjust gain.

Be Polite In Serving

Leadership begins with servant hood, be ready to serve in any capacity required’ serving is one of the life most awesome privilege. If you really have sought and found how to  always serve you will be happy forever leading. Do something to help other grow. To successfully get ahead in life be a bridge and not a wall, be a ladder and not a slope, love people more than they deserve and they will return to you  double. Each human being presents us with opportunity to serve, do one thing you can do for someone else who has no opportunity to repay you.

Enjoy What You Have

It is beauty of blessing. Be thankful to God always. Appreciate words are one of the most powerful forces attracting goods on earth. Thankful words don’t cost much yet it accomplish so much gainfully. Build trustworthiness, self-respect, responsible and authenticity.

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