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4 Easy ways to be the best mother of a Preschooler

Helpful things you need to know and do to become an excellent mom


Mothers’ joy is to always be a good source of inspiration to a child. That why moms endlessly striving to positively impact values that can make a child successful now and in the nearby future knowing that she is the first and exceptional role model of own child.

Mom and preschooler
Preschooler asking Mom questions

Preschoolers’ Mom experience

Motherhood general facts is that every mom go extra miles to be the best she can be to a child during upbringing’ but, “How easy can this be?” With lots of demands and challenges that engulf kids parenting and child development at stage of pre-schooling, mention it; feeding, clothing, impacting morals, safety, health care, addressing values, quality child care and lots more’ moms got lots to do to meet up with standard required to be called excellent mom.

Preschoolers mindsets about Mom

Come to think of it, as a child grows in all ramification; he/she will always looks up to his/her parent for everything‘ especially moms is the first point of contact a child want to reach out to for immediate solution. That is one of the major reason why early childhood care and development of a child’ I emphasis its huge task.  

Even, research by parenting experts reveals that upbringing preschoolers can be very tasking for moms and with all this what can moms do to have headway? talk less of ways moms become best mother of preschoolers.

Mothers of preschoolers balance score cards

Facts deduce interrogating parents of preschooler from different background

Majority accept that “Being the best mother of a child of this category can be demanding and yet being enjoyed feelings’ good”.

Lets’ face the reality, some says “For a mom to be tag best mother of preschooler is not an easy task”; others testify that the simple meaning to this is “Such mom has really gone through lots of breath taking challenges of parenting, childcare and overcomes to achieve this” and virtually all the comments complement the facts. Herein’ we also believe that the experience of such mother will not be a day story to tell.

Well’ without wasting time lets unbox the subject matter below by first examining it from the angle of the most likely demanding challenges of being a mother to a preschooler and how to overcome them.

And from this cross examinations we will coin out the best 4 easy ways a mom can be the best mother of a preschooler.

What is a Preschool?

Wikipedia defines a pre-school as a nursery school, pre-primary school or play school which is an educational establishment or learning space’ offering early childhood education to children, that is before a child begin compulsory education at primary school. This explains that it is an educational establishment a child must pass through before commencing a stage term primary education.

Who is a Preschooler’ and Preschoolers’ Mom?

From the above stated, it can then be deduced that a preschooler is a child attending a preschool; a child not yet old enough for school. He is below the official school starting age. A child under this category is no longer a baby but also not yet old enough to undergo primary education.

Mother and child
Mother and child

Preschoolers are kids usually between the ages 2 years to 4 years.  And a mom to such category of child can be called preschooler’s mom. Mom handling kids of this category are more sensitive and vigilant.

Considering the fact that lots of endeavors are attached to this stage in a child life, it also required that mom be on their foot to ensure that all challenges that comes up in this stage of child life be handle with care and close attention.

What are the challenges of being the mother of a preschooler

The Challenges faced training a preschooler

Reasonably, you will agree with me that the challenges faced by preschoolers’ mom are more than one. Starting from how preschoolers express feelings, how to lodge complain, effective communication, reading or writing challenges, handling house chore, controlling kids behavioral act, attitude, modeling the child character, staying healthy, handling home works, socializing, tantrum, controlling rough play, safety at play, protecting them from harmful object, mention it’ the list is unlimited and could also be emotional stress to moms like me and you.  

However, all boils down to a point which I will rationally sum up or group as one challenges engulf all and give it a collective adjective because all it encompasses is Energy Zapping.

Yes’ Energy Zapping! Why?

Because, energy which simply means the ability and strength to do active physical things and the feeling that you are full of physical power. It is the determination and enthusiasm about doing a particular aim. And “zapping” which term weakling.

Therefore the two pronounce together Energy zapping therefore denotes that your strength can deplete or gradually weaken taking up such routine challenges.

It means mom can easily be drain of energy while handling a child of this category in that most active activities involved are carried out repeatedly and as most preschoolers child can do nothing on their own but solely rely on mom to do and also it’s a stage mom teach kids to do many other things except play.

How is this a challenge to a preschoolers’ mom?

 At this stage of a child life, they need you to help them do almost everything. From wearing their clothes to feeding them, helping them to the toilet etc. Fact is that they need you everywhere. Some cannot even do without seeing their mum for hours else they start crying.

This is one of the ways it poses as a challenge to mom for example, let us picture a working class mom who has to go to work early in the morning and probably come back late because of traffic.

Before she goes to work in the morning’ she is routinely engaged. She prepare all her child needs for the day bathing, dressing, feeding, kit toiletries bag alongside getting prepared for work, she may also be required to make breakfast for herself and husband.

As simple as this task looks, it may likely take an hour plus and by the time she is set to go work she would have been physically drained (Tired). And same routine is applicable when she gets back from work, checking the wellbeing of her kid, preparing dinner, doing one house chore or the other I mean’ How does she balance it?

How to overcome the challenges faced by preschooler mom?

A tired Mom of Preschooler

4 easy ways to be the best mother of preschoolers

·         Do not see it as a Task

It is without doubt that the chores and workload can be tiring. Sometimes you may just want to take a break from everything; that is fine also. But let us take an analogy; there is something we love to do. It is called a hobby. It means that no matter how much we do it over and over again we do not get tired.

So the solution to seeing it less a task is to derive pleasure in doing it. Make yourself happy about having to grow a future leader. Derive joy from seeing it as they deserve the best you can give to a child. Take it a legitimate responsibility that without you no one else can best you taking care of you kids’ kindly own it.

Enjoy doing all the chores as mother of a preschooler, enjoy the demanding attention, enjoy the troubles it gives, and enjoy all of it. Do it with the understanding that it is just for a while. They will grow up- it won’t last forever. Give yourself a break when you need it, go on a cruise when you are chanced, smiles in face of the challenges, sin praises to God. Listen to music’s while carrying out the routine.   

If you think of it as task all the time, that alone is enough to drain you. Think less of it as a task’ the burden is lightened’ if you see it as a pleasure, it will becomes like fun activities. Enjoy the feelings of been a good mother at all time.

·         Act like a Child

This may sound bizarre but it is the fastest way to win over your child, understand them and know them for who they are. How is this possible? To be the best mom you have to know your child. And to know you have to act like one.

How can you act like one? Whether you are a busy mom or not, give your child some minutes of your time daily. Be it 2-3 hours per day preferably after work or more. In that time, you will get to know them by going into their world. You will act like you are a child too. Children relate faster with people that understand them. You do not have to act like a mom all the time.

Spend some quality time with them daily. Dena Alalfrey a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor advised that you should ‘’enjoy talking and playing with them- no interruptions. This will strengthen your emotional connection and promote positive attention’’.

·         Strengthen Communication

As a mom, you communicate with your Child, every day. That’s right. But what this means in this context is to ask questions and talk to them about life. Be interactive in your dealings with them. You can read how to interact with kids to broaden your knowledge in this area. This because children are developing foundational language skills during this period, it is important to engage them in communication as much as possible.

Mother happily doing chore with a preschooler

Communication is a two way thing; talk and listen. It is a contribution from two people. That means when you talk to them you should also listen to them and answer their questions.

Children will always come up with questions; especially the children of this century. They grow fast intellectually; so you should be ready to listen to them talk. When they ask questions and you listen, you stimulate their cognitive through their mind too.

For example, if your child asks questions at times that are not good for you to answer, instead of shutting him up, you can explain to him why it is not a good time. That way, you get them involved with you and also make him or her feel important.

·         Give them what they want most times than what they need

It seems like it should be the other way round. That is, you should give them what they need than what they want rather. But, let us look at it this way; you know what they need and you have no choice but to give them- the basics.

But look at what they want, you can’t exhaust it. Children have an unending list of wants. They want ice cream, sweets, biscuits, candies and all of it. How do you manage it all? When you give a child what he wants he is happy and when he is happy you have an edge over him.

Although some children may want to get used to getting what they want by crying for it, it is then your duty as a mother to watch that space and set moderation; seize the same avenue to teach life lessons, impact morals. Let it please you read 6 Moral to impact on a child’ you surely going to understand many other things.

Mother give a child gift
Mother give a child gift

 Whatever they ask for that is within your reach; give it to him/her in order not to get enticed by what outsiders or strangers give to him/her. A child at this stage will be sure that if I ask mom, sure she will give to me and when you do not, there is a reason. This where you get to strengthen your communication by explaining reasons why you take decisions.

These are quite a few interesting points that encompass many things; from see the stress in it less tasking, strengthen interactive communication, come down to their level by acting like a child and to give them what they want are simple and easy things to follow. A good approach at the above ways will bring out excellent result in Mom of a preschooler.

We want to listen to your comments, feel free to use our comment box below for constructive feedback modern Mom are waiting to learn from your views to complement their roles to be an excellent Mom of preschooler . Thanks for reading.    

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