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Reading: Best ways to make a child develop love for reading timely?

Every child at early childhood stage is expected to go to school, learn how to read and write. Yes! one of the best thing to do while upbringing a child is to make him/her a better reader and instill love for reading starting early in childhood. The question is, what is the best ways to make a child develop love for reading timely?

Though, it turns out not every child can read well, write well or read and write well when they grow up due to some challenges in their upbringings which may include but not limited to schools attended, parenting, disorder body system, environment, poverty etc.

Despite, it is very important for parents to know the best ways to make a child develop love for reading timely knowing fully well by so doing reading depletion can be controlled and this is what this article is set to address starting from making a child better reader to developing and instilling love for reading.

Making a child better reader

A child having problems with the alphabets will surely have problem with reading so teachers and guardians should be able to discern this and take appropriate steps for a child having problem at the foundation of learning.

Once the child is clear of alphabets issues, they move to combination of these alphabets to form words ranging from two letters to threes and so on. Step by step they are able to read, write, understand and develop new words on their own.

However, knowing the alphabets, reading it and combining it to form words is just the beginning of their learning, as they advance into higher level of studying they should be able to read clearer, faster with better understanding and distinctively for them to be termed an excellent student.

The ability of a child to be able to read well and become a better reader as always depend on the parents, guardians, teachers and the will of the child himself to learn and improve. There are various ways to support and help a child to become a better reader and also develop love for reading of which some of them will be listed below;

Best ways to make a child develop love for reading timely?

A child well taught and mentored should be able to read well either when taught in school, at home or anywhere. Without negating the basics; and starting by building the foundation from alphabets, to word formation, to phonics and other related function that leads to constructing sentence. if a child is well tutored and mentored starting early enough the love for reading can easily be instilled.

Take the below following steps to make a child develop love for reading.

  1. Feed your child a diet of rich language experience daily

One might wonder why diet is being mentioned with language but the ability of a parent to continually and consistently feed a child correct spellings, pronunciation and understanding of a language will make the child grow deeper in knowledge of that language. They will not forget the languages and words you use with them on a daily basis especially if you explain it citing an example to make it clearer.

2. Read aloud

When your child feels lazy or reluctant to read on their own, just take over, tuck them in bed, give them a warm glass of milk and just a small amount of cookies and sit with them. Read the book aloud and trace it while reading with your finger so they can follow you and not feel lost. They will definitely pay attention and be happy to hear you read as that will also give you an avenue to spend time with them and they will feel closer.

3. Test their eyes and Ears

When you see a poster or sign post, point to a word and tell them to read it for you to see what they will call it or how they will read it. Pronounce the words for them if they find it difficult or hard to read. Tell them to repeat after you and hear what they heard you say. If you buy them reading discs, tell them to recite what they saw and heard from the video or audio so you can assess their performance based on their reading and listening skills.

4. Limit TV watching

Don’t let a kid become a TV addict. As much as it’s great to let kids have fun, don’t let it become something they can’t live without. Caution and set the time for them, if they allow TV to interfere with their study session and time then it will become a serious problem for them in their academic life.

Let them have a little bit of fun and then go back to studying their books. In fact you can make half of their TV time a time to watch reading or lesson videos and learn since what we watch tends to stick longer in the brain but take note and care so as not to deprive your child of fun.

5. Be a good reader yourself

If you are a movie addict and you are yelling at your kid to study then you are not ready to improve your child. You will affect both the performance of the child and the relationship between you and the child because you will come as a stern parent. You yourself should have a study filled with educative books and pick interest in reading. A child will like to emulate you and ready to follow in your footstep since they see you constantly do what you preach to them. You can even do reading competitions to lighten the atmosphere for your child.

6. Assign books to them

Since you are someone who loves to read or have interest in reading, read a book beforehand and then assign it to your child. Don’t give them books above their ages or capacities though, give them a time frame to finish it and make sure you understand the book so as to detect if they really read it or brush through. The child will be able to read better and faster as long as this habit is observed consistence

7. Ask about your child’s performance

It’s no news that kids spend most of their daily hours in school with fellow kids and their teachers. One of the people that will be able to say something tangible about your child is the teacher. Visit the school both on parent’s day or just surprisingly although don’t make it a habit. Make enquiry about your child’s performance and hear from the teacher directly where they are lacking and improving.

Don’t focus on the negative side so much that you forget to praise their efforts in the places where they are improving or excellent. Take advises from the teacher about what you can do to help to improve their reading abilities at home.

8. Give time some with relatives and friends

Don’t make your child a loner. Invite their cousins, nieces and friends over and make them have fun. Promise them exciting gifts and offers if they carry out your games and tasks successfully. Assign pages of books to them and make them compete healthily for a set amount of time. Make sure you access them fairly and give gifts to the winners to encourage others and make it a regular thing. You can invite them over once or twice in a month and monitor their progress. At this rate and method, you will not only improve your child’s reading skill but also help other kids too.

9. Set up a reading corner

Make sure there is a reading corner or space in your house. The space and corner must be in either the child’s room or a place in the study or both. Let the child have some time to himself and don’t disturb or distract them by entering and leaving the study corner. Don’t make the corner a dark, chilly place and also don’t make it too bright. Make the ambiance and atmosphere just the exact humidity, temperature and convenient environment. You can check up on them once in an hour to make sure they are not sleeping, pressing their phone or playing with other things.

10. Let the child pick the book

Sometimes let the child be the chooser, let the child pick a book to read either alone for your competitions. If personal, access the pages, fonts and technicality to see if it’s right for them and to also set to them a right time frame. The child will be able to enjoy their pick and will not blame you if by chance they end up not liking the book.

These are only few ways to improve love for reading and also improving Child’s reading ability. As parent/guardian or teacher who is about to implement this steps, make sure in every way you choose, you don’t do things or make a choice that will ruin your relationship with the child or make you become too assertive or domineering where they will be scared of spending time with you due to maybe looking at it from the angle of forcing them to read books above their understandings, giving them unreasonable time frame or depriving them of other fun.

Take home note

Peradventure, your child has a disorder which affects their reading abilities or general performance then it’s advisable to make the child attend the school fit for their disorder and also show them plenty of love, after all reading and writing is not the oxygen to life, don’t make them feel inferior or more depressed about the way they are by comparing them to others or looking down on them.

If luckily the sickness can be treated then you can make them get appropriate treatment so they can be able to fit amidst peers and they can also enjoy good reading atmosphere without regrets.

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So far you have learned best ways to make a child develop love for reading and making a child better reader. I am sure you have gain a lots that can help you model your child in related demands.

I will be very happy to hear your opinion and also waiting to answer any question you have respect yo this subject matter. Kindly use the comment box below to reach out to us and don’t forget to follow us to stay abreast of our subsequent publication. Thanks for reading.

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