Effective Child Care Tips

Guidelines for effective child care.

By: Ifeoluwa T. Akinola Child care guidelines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Child care simply refers to all it entails to look after a child. It is done by both parents and caregivers who are often paid by the parents to render care service in their absence, either in homes or in a specified center… Continue reading Guidelines for effective child care.

Child care: mom playing with her daughter
child care

Important Child Care Tips and Guides

By: Elizabeth A. Abiona 16 Key areas you must care about while raising child starting early in childhood Nothing beats the joy of motherhood! Absolutely, we can't also deny the fact that having knowledge of the important child care tips is very essential for successful child upbringing. Raising a child is time consuming despite it… Continue reading Important Child Care Tips and Guides

How to help a child control his/her agg

How to help a child control his/her aggression?

Best guide on handling child's aggression starting early in childhood. Aggressive children are big concern for parents, caregivers and educators no doubt about it but, how to help this children control aggression matter most' which is often a challenge to many guardians out there. However, don't worry I got you covered herein this article, read… Continue reading How to help a child control his/her aggression?


Physical activity: How to keep a child physically fit?

Best way to engage child in physical activity that makes strong and physically active Being physically fit has so many health benefits therefore it is essential to help children grow and develop into healthy and physically strong and active adults by engaging them in physical activity. Children needs to be more physically active right from… Continue reading Physical activity: How to keep a child physically fit?

Preschoolers educational challenges
Childhood Education

Preschoolers educational challenges and solutions

                               How to overcome difficulties attributed to a child starting preschool? Preschool can be overwhelming for parents/guardians, educators and children! If, getting a child adjusted into a preschool is difficult for you as a parents, caregivers or educators because the child is entering a new stage in life; don't worry I got you covered… Continue reading Preschoolers educational challenges and solutions

Good parenting

Proven Tips on Good Parenting

By: Ifeoluwa Titilayo Akinola Successful parenting practices you need to know. Parenting is an act or art of nurturing, mentoring and raising children to be responsible, dependable and independent young people with creative, innovative and leadership abilities. Thus, parents/guardian are required to know proven tips of good parenting in order to effectively handle matters involved… Continue reading Proven Tips on Good Parenting

playbase learning toddler

Play: Playbase learning activities for toddlers?

Essential playbase learning activities best for developing toddlers Toddling playbase learning activities could mean to many I don't have an idea; do not worry' herein you will be shown few out of many others playbase activities that are value added to developing your toddler. The moment a child starts to crawl and begin to stand… Continue reading Play: Playbase learning activities for toddlers?

Children at play

Importance of Childhood Play

Why embrace playbase learning for early childhood development? Absolutely, playbase learning is a unique learning tool that has been tested, observed and carried out to prove that children tends to be successful not only in academics but all aspects of life if they are well trained, shaped and brought up starting early in childhood. “Play… Continue reading Importance of Childhood Play

Child and mother playing rough and tumble

Play: How to control child’s rough and tumble play?

By Folaji I. Odedeji Proven ways to limit children rough and tumble play. Playing as a child is one of the things or characteristics that determine how healthy, strong, agile and vibrant a child is but should not go out of control else, excess may affect their IQ. and that is why parents/guardian and teachers… Continue reading Play: How to control child’s rough and tumble play?

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child care

How to choose quality daycare for your baby?

Guide to find good care center (daycare) for your little one. The choice of how to choose best daycare for your baby maybe quite challenging if, you are a first time mother or father, you are on a new job or you recently relocated. Also, with much demand on economy worldwide, most organizations find it… Continue reading How to choose quality daycare for your baby?