Literally meaning ‘Garden for the children’ is an educational stage approach based on playing, singing, practical activities which include drawing and social interaction of children as part of transition from home to school and can be term Preschool.

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Shekinah Glory Group Of School (SGGS) Preschool is a stage where we groom the children within the age of 2 to 7 years of age with super-touch learning system and get them familiarized with educational institution and learning spaces.

Our Super Touch Learning System wipes stress and burden off parents minds who’s having challenges with question on where to begin educating their children replacing it with divine assurance of eureka DFlourishingkids! systematic  approach that built into kids ‘I love to learn’ attitude in the mind of such child at day one of meeting him/her and from there they will be introduced to various basic academic skills in a conducive learning environment, knowing fully well that every child posses a unique inbuilt skills He/She needs to be successful when schooling begins. Quote Us, DFlourishingkids puts the superb learning at fingertips with Super-Touch Learning System.

Kindergarten Academic Skills

Our academics system puts the power of learning at children’s fingertips. The team beginner (2 to 5 years) are blended into the system by readiness reading intro/basics with fundamental skills interacting with friendly characters.

Intermediate (5 to 7 years) learning skills advance with new challenges and more learning fun lunching our pupils into circuit of I can do it myself reading, writing and distinctly passing exams by myself mindsets.
Educational Skills (6-years Up) Pro active reinforcement of classroom skills with fun activities at multiple grade level interacting with real-time world.
All this will be done with proof teaching and impacting of divine knowledge of the basic skills which include:-

  • Writing:New Picture (2)
    • This will help the child to practice letters writing  A – Z. More emphasis will be laid in area of writing the letters that makes up the child name.
    • Writing  the first letter in the child name in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case.
    • Practice writing of the letters on a white board with temporary maker or in finger paint to make practicing more fun, multi sensory and to drive in the learning.
  • Reading readiness:New Picture
    • This covers areas in reading and writing and identifying of sounds. Learn, understand and use variety of words.
    • Knowing that words reading go from left to right and top to bottom. Else finger is run under the words as to show and read to the pupil to have clear understanding.
    • Games equally will be played with rhyming words to help assist the child hear similar sounds and words; and to be able to differentiate between similar words and sound.
  • Sounds:
    • The child will be orientated on sound that each letter makes and examples will be illustrated to enhance learning.
    • Emphasis will be laid on the first sound in words to help your child hear the individual sound
    • Items around the environment that depict the same sound and identifying the letters that makes each sound will be used to fasten understanding.
  • Letter recognition
    • The child will not only be enlighten using flash card; equally game will in turn be used like go fishing alphabets.
    • Hide and seek alphabet game will also be used to enhance understanding and assist the child to recognize the alphabets.
    • The letters sound will use to pronounce different object found around starting with the object first letter as it appears.
  • Numbers recognition and Counting
    • Guide to count throughout the day on specific target range of numbers using solid material like counters.
    • Pick point numbers you found in the environment and have the child name them e.g. numbers found on calendars, wall clock etc A number chart can be drawn to fasten learning.
  • Shapes and colors
    • For children having trouble to recognize certain colors, a little food coloring can be add to cookie dough, milk or water to illustrate and emphasize the colors.
    • Difficult shapes like crescent, diamond and any other can be learn by helping the child draw same on paper and ask her to draw it and cutting out same can assist assimilation
    • Games in which children can finds objects of particular colors and shapes around the environment can be played to drive in their understanding.
  • Fine motor
    • Guide through given of the child different writing material options e.g. colored pencils, wax crayon or non permanent markers help keep her interested in writing and drawing.
  • Cutting art
  • Attention and following directions
  • Social interactions

And the list above will be treated in various academics subjects which include

Math Skills: Below the math skills are a list in categories, move your mouse over to preview the skill or click to start practicing.

  • Colors recognition
  • Numbers
  • Counting Up
  • Shapes

Colors Recognition

Young pupils learning to identify colors is a great thing. This worksheet will help young student learn how to identify colors by name, differentiate between colors variation, discover when colors are mixed and names colors of various object in real life scenario.

Let remember Gods creation that everything created by Almighty God are with its unique colors in various kind for example sky, animals, insects, birds and human beings are with beautiful colors. More so, objects of various kinds as well that are made by human beings are colored too.


Simply define as the quality of an object with respect to light reflected by it. It is usually determined by visually measurement of hue, saturation and brightness of reflected light.

Types Of Common Colors

Look at the color pallets below to identify various types. Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Sky blue, Purple, Green, Black, White, Brown, Pink,Gray, Gold, Silver etc.

red blue office purple

Identification Of Colors Using Crayons.

Crayon is an object like a pointed stick or pencil of colored clay,chalk,wax etc used for drawing. Here we will draw and color with crayon of different colors.

Color Illustration Using Object


Educational Video On Colors


English Alphabet and Picture Color

Basic introduction to Letters and Picture illustrations for Preschool